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BCRO Cell Transplants as Treatment  For Incurable and  Untreatable Diseases Available Worldwide Protection Status

BCRO fetal precursor cell transplantation,  has been used successfully for 80+ years as treatment of many diseases
  • for which modern medicine has had no therapy (i.e. incurable), or
  • in which 'state-of-art' therapies stopped being effective (i.e. no longer treatable),

in documented over 5 millions of patients worldwide. Physicians can learn about it in a textbook by E. Michael Molnar, M.D.: Fetal Precursor Cell Transplantation, BCRO Fetal Precursor Cell Transplantation", published in 2014 by
On the same web site the general readership can find out all about it in the book by the same author: Treatment of Incurable and No Longer Treatable Diseases, published in January 2015, as well as in his autobiography: Diseases and Genocide are not Our Destiny. You can buy it as 'free reader download for PC' as well as Kindle Book.



Since 1998 we have made our BCRO cell transplants available to physicians for treatment of their own patients

with worldwide delivery

This was a result of our 38+ years' of research, GMP ('good manufacturing practice'),  and clinical experience with fetal precursor cell transplantation in 

thousands of patients suffering from:   

  1. Diabetes Mellitus, types 1 and mixed 1/2, particularly when complications have already developed, such as:

    a. Diabetic Retinopathy;

    b. Diabetic Nephropathy;

    c. Diabetic Polyneuropathy;

    d. Diabetic Lower Extremity Arterial Disease;  

    as well as

    - Brittle Diabetes Mellitus in children; and

    - Diabetes Mellitus in pregnancy, or diabetes mellitus as a cause of female infertility and of habitual pregnancy loss;

    This applies to some patients with Diabetes Mellitus type 2 with above complications as well.


  2. Other hormone deficiency disorders, where hormone replacement therapy could not re-establish a normal hormonal balance

  3. Early menopause, and some other serious gynecological diseases, where the 'state-of-art' treatment has failed

  4. Male and female infertility, where the usual treatment has failed

  5. Immune deficiency disorders, such as AIDS, chronic weakness syndrome,  cancer, etc., as well as autoimmune illnesses
  6. Aging disease, including menopause, impotence, depression, etc.

  7. Incurable or untreatable degenerative diseases of central nervous system, Cerebrovascular accidents, such as stroke, Brain and spinal cord injuries.

  8. Degenerative diseases of heart, liver, kidneys.

  9. Genetic and chromosomal disease of children, such as Down syndrome, as well as failure to thrive, mental retardation, frequent illnesses, etc., due to various prenatal, natal or postnatal causes, as well as autism as described by Kanner in 1943.


Besides the above groups of diseases physicians have utilized BCRO fetal precursor cell transplantation, or cell therapy, as treatment of many other ailments,

whenever they recognized that their patient needs

  • a direct stimulation of regeneration (i.e. repair) of the damaged cells & tissues of various organs.         


The Proof Of Effectiveness ... in medical references about (stem) cell transplantation (including ours) of the past ~25 years that can be easily found on PubMed, a medical data base of MEDLINE, U.S. National Library of Medicine. 

The most important older (but also current) medical research and clinical reports, nearly all in German and Russian, including ours, are not included in MEDLINE, and can be found with great difficulties only.

This is unfortunate because they contain groundbreaking data on which the entire field of BCRO cell transplantation has been based

Over 5 million patients have been treated in Germany (and Switzerland) with cell therapy / fetal precursor cell transplantation

and an estimated 20 million patients worldwide received in the U.S.S.R. developed live human placental tissue implantations with various kinds of trophoblastic cells.

Germany and U.S.S.R. have been the leaders in BCRO type cell transplantation for the past 80 years.


Interested? Then Learn Some Facts

The broad range of diseases that can be successfully treated by BCRO cell transplantation may seem puzzling, but only until you realize the crucial differences in mechanism of action between such cell transplantation and the treatment by drugs of chemical origin.

It is carried out by an implantation: a physician will place prescribed BCRO cell transplant of various of 200 types of cells known to medicine in a syringe and applies it to a patient by an injection through a special needle.

Contrary to common belief  an immunosuppression is not necessary and has not been used for BCRO fetal precursor cell transplantation in clinical practice if cell transplants are prepared by BCRO proprietary method of primary tissue culture. BCRO fetal cell transplants will be accepted by the patient's body as 'self' i.e. not rejected, because they have lost their immunogenicity in the course of preparation. 


"State - of - Art" Level of Safety of BCRO Fetal Precursor Cell Transplants

There is no difference between implantation of stem cell transplants of human vs. animal origin.

Therapeutic success described in this web site has been accomplished by BCRO cell transplantation with fetal precursor or progenitor cells, not with embryonic stem cells. 

Embryonic stem cell transplantation has always been considered extremely risky for an actual clinical use because of its potential for induction of cancer growth and with the exception of U.S. and China, never used in any other country for the patient treatment. 

Our company manufactures only cell transplants of fetal precursor or progenitor cells.

BCRO method of manufacturing of individually for each patient prepared cell transplants incorporates all pertinent requirements of

  • national laws of all Member States of European Union.

(if you click on the above link you will open a web page in which you will be linked to the pertinent regulations of U.S. FDA, decision of the German Supreme Court, EC Directives, so that you can read their entire text)


What To Do To Get BCRO Fetal Precursor Cell Transplantation Treatment


You Cannot Get BCRO Fetal Precursor Cell Transplantation Without a Physician Trained In This Therapeutic Method...

...and unless you have, or know of, a hospital, a clinic, or a physician, performing BCRO fetal precursor cell transplantation already, you will have to find one.

Your physician  should contact us by email ( and our medical consultants will advise you properly

  • whether you would be a candidate for BCRO cell transplantation,

  • and if so, what various kinds of BCRO cell transplants would be recommended for treatment of your illness(es). 

If our medical consultants would inform you in their reply that cell transplantation would be a proper treatment for your illness(es), 

then they would also give you a list of BCRO cell transplants necessary for your treatment.

As soon as we will receive your payment, we will promptly start the preparation of your fetal precursor cell transplants, so that they would be delivered to you on the date of your scheduled cell transplantation. 

Please, beware that....

...BCRO cell transplants that you will receive from us are live cells prepared especially for you!

It takes a minimum of 17 days from the moment that we have received your payment, before your physician will get your fetal precursor cell transplants. 

After their release from the laboratory, your fetal precursor cell transplants are immediately shipped to you via personal currier. 

We use passenger airline carriers only for a currier delivery.

Your physician will utilize this period while your fetal precursor cell transplants are being prepared and delivered to get you ready for cell transplantation.

Your fetal precursor cell transplants have to be implanted without delay, preferably on the day of delivery.

Beware, that once the cycle of the preparation of your fetal precursor cell transplants has begun, 'everything is in the hands of Nature', and we cannot abort it. Your BCRO cell transplants can be used only by you.

The preparation of BCRO cell transplants by our method is very tedious and time consuming and 

our 'know-how' requires that we handle every cell culture as an individual living unit

i.e. our method does not permit a mass production.

This whole procedure has to run like a 'well-oiled machine': we cannot allow some mishap along the way, such as a lack of payment, to cause a waste of the effort of so many.

Our company does not own or manage any clinics.




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